Sunday, July 8, 2012

Shit happens

Thrown 2 latte cups today. One is standing tall while the other decided to sleep on its side. A slip of hand when sliding the cup to the board. I can always make a better one. It's shape looks quite interesting. So it may not be a total lost cause yet.

I'm ecstatic about this vase. I put dry porcelain power on to the surface and push a little outward from inside to get that rustic, peeling look.

Do go over to my potter friends at Mud Colony 


  1. Hey Shit happens ALL THE TIME to potters..share it with the Mud Colony bunch....we can coo and tell you they are lovely shapes despite their afflictions...and make general encouraging noises..see ??

  2. Thanks Adriana for being so kind and funny. Will definitely get back on Mud Colony.

  3. The cup can be a wall pocket, wonder how the dry powder will fire?

    1. Thanks Linda. I might let it be an irregular cup or either make one more to have both of them touching at the flat surface. Will post again once the dry powder pot is glazed and fire.

  4. *makes encouraging noises*

    Keep going, it's always worth persevering!

  5. I love the porcelain powder on the cup look! Nice texture! As for the tipped cup, I'd stand it up and make is square! (something I've done because it's happened to me before!)

  6. Glad you approved the porcelain powder. I just let it be a very oval cup for now.