Sunday, July 22, 2012

Home as Studio - Nerikomi - my version

Seriously I'm a hard-core ceramics enthusiast.  That's a different story that I'll talk in great details at another time. 

I watched this video post by Musing About Mud the other day and I have been dying to try it out. I knew whatever I do, it would not be as sophisticated. It takes a lot of planning, getting everything right and practice. 

Time flies when I'm at the studio. I only got maybe 20% done when it was time to leave.  So I decided to take everything home with me, otherwise the clay would be way too dry and it would ruin the whole thing. 

Working at home with raw clay is such a messy process. The challenge is that I don't have a work space. Working on the sofa with coffee table into the middle of the night really was not the best situation. 

But the best part is I get to check on my work this morning and hopefully is successful at repairing a few cracks. 

It looks messy now. But the pattern and colour can be cleared up with some sanding. 

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