Sunday, July 29, 2012

Feldspar in my backyard

Yeppie! I found feldspar gush out in my finished work after glaze firing. I didn't notice it until it was pointed out to me.

Wow!!!! This is unbelievable.  Of course we use feldspar in glaze formula and I know it can be found in clay from the land of Shigaraki.  I wouldn't think in a million years that mud from Hong Kong would contain feldspar just like those in Shigaraki. Awesome!!!

This piece was made upon my Mom's request.  She wants to have it for her water plants.  It is made of mud I dug up from the mountain behind my apartment.  Showing you the location below on Google map. Thought you may want to know. 

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And I blogged about the journey walking up the mountain and digging up mud in an early post.

I did a test piece as well but didn't notice the Feldspar then.

Unfortunately the mud contains too much sand and pretty big ones. The clay contracted during firing but the sand wouldn't.  As such, gaps / cracks were born.  It leaks.  We will think of something. I still love it.

Can you see the feldspar sticking out in the below pictures?  That little white spots.

And here is the whole piece.

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