Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Quest of a Hexagon Teapot

I was never a fan of teapot. It's like it is against my believe or something. Not that I believe in anything, maybe rainbow and stars. Haha…

But here I am on the quest to make the "perfect" hexagon teapot just because a friend at work requested it causally.
Oh! How I like a challenge! The idea has been bouncing in my heads for a couple weeks. Math knowledge and precision are both very key in making this work. High school math questions really.
Let's see where this leads me........ It would be at least a month before the this piece will be finished.


  1. Why not throw one thickly on the wheel and then facet it?

    1. HI Elaine, I will I will. That's the plan. The second attempt would be wheel thrown. I want to have the first one with almost perfectly sharp angles and lines. Plus I insanely like the technical challenge of putting a hexagon together with slabs, which requires everything to be measured and cut precisely. Very small margin for error.