Sunday, February 17, 2013

Hexagon Teapot going well

A 7-hour day at the studio was barely enough to get the following done.....

Coiling 2 rounds on top of the hexagon formed by slabs last week, then form the shoulder and neck by throwing. That was fun actually. A bit off center but didn't get in the way of throwing much.  Note to self, thicker coil next time.  The clay got thinned out when throwing upward and outward.

Ta-da.....not bad eh?  I kind of like the short neck.

Throw two lids to choose from and as back-up. It's always good to have back-up.  It''ll probably take another week to trim the lids and sand out the thing before bisque fire.

Oh, do check out Mud Colony on your way out. 


  1. Nice teapot. The clay looks interesting. What colour does it fire to?

  2. I'm making teapots at the moment too so I agree about the spare lids! I'd like to know more about your clay too...

  3. Thanks Rhonda and Anna for stopping by. Glad you like my teapot. This is my very first time making teapot and want to set myself up for a challenge.
    The clay is from Korea, the name is Black Mountain. It is very sandy and can sustain mad handling over a longer period of time. It turns deep chocolate with spots when fire without glaze which I love. A lighter shade of chocolate with glaze. Will show a picture of a finished product and possibly the bag with the clay name containing the clay next week. Cheers!