Sunday, October 21, 2012

Altered Form - Wind

Wind cannot be materialized without other matter. You see wind when it is blowing leaves on tree. You feel wind when it touches your skin. You smell wind when it carries the sweet scent of a flower or the salty scent of the sea.  

Here I am using ceramic to materialize wind.  

Four came out of the kiln. Three were fired upside down and gravity was too much which cracked two through, from outside in at the bottom. One got a "T" shape crack on the outside, again at the bottom.  This one I can save.   The smallest and the most twisted one was fired upside up.  Nothing happened to that one. It came out the same as it went in.   Testing still in progress and this is still my obsession. 

Potters at Mud Colony also share my obsession in clay. 

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