Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Naked Clay

Now I think of it, this is the very first teapot I have ever made. Remember I have shown you in earlier posts the making of it. 

It now has been glaze-fired. The outside is naked clay. I love the color and texture of this clay without glaze.  It is glazed on the inside. This clay is extremely sandy and I avoided glazing on the inside where the sprout connecting the body.  The first time when I glazed the inside, the glaze which needed to be thick to ensure there is no water leakage blocked the holes at the sprout completely.  

So I washed it off and for the second time, I dabbed water with a brush around the inside of the sprout so that those holes would be saturated with water, hence could not absorb any glaze.  

Being glazeless around the sprout, it is now leaking water.  The only fix is probably glazing the outside as well. I may just glaze half of the pot. I love the naked clay too much. 


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