Sunday, May 20, 2012

Slip, no slipping this time

I put in close to 6 hours at the studio today. Time flies when my hands are on clay. Accomplished tons of stuff. Made my own porcelain slip for the first time. It was a true work-out. Strong arms are in the making. Very thick consistency. It looks and feels like some delicious whip cream.  All white and creamy. Come to think of it.  I applied it on the stoneware body very much like putting cream on a cake.

Here is what I have done today. Pictures shown below are in exact order of things.

Making porcelain slip with dried porcelain powder ( reuse from previously failed works) = arm work....

Nice and thick 

Next trimming of plate made last week. Since I've left quite a bit of clay for the tall foot, it gives me room to play around with some design.  Wouldn't think of much, so I did this. 

Coated 2 freshly thrown stoneware bowls ( one medium and one large) with my self-made porcelain slip.  I even like all the marks and texture.  And I think I know how to make it all smooth and nice next time. 

This bowl got turned into a "tear-shape" because it didn't turn out perfectly round like I wanted it to be. So to go with the flow, I made it into this.  There is something about "tear-shape" and me lately.  But just when I was putting it down on the board to dry, my hand touched its side. So it becomes an interesting triangle. That's life and that's ceramics. It doesn't have to be perfect. It just has to feel right at that moment in time. 

 And here is my hand after a day's work with sandy clay........

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